Ayala, Pangilinan And ABS-CBN Duterte Threatened

Last Tuesday, the president was furious while speaking. He threatened Ayala and Pangilinan

The president was furious that the government had lost the case to the arbitration court in Singapore.

I was furious that he had so much $ 7.39 billion for our government to pay. We are already in debt, then paying off, the country is sinking when it happens. My only point in seeking a solution is not to be cheap and threatening because the court’s decision cannot be changed if he or she pleads guilty. The presidential thing to do is find a solution.

After his speech, he also released his longstanding stint on ABS-CBN.

That’s what’s happening on ABS-CBN, like PhilWeb 2.0. Do you remember what happened to Ongpin?

After threatening Ongpin’s stock, the stock suddenly went down, causing Ongpin to sell Greggy Araneta, Irene Marcos’ wife.

After the president threatened ABS-CBN, investment in the Kapamilya network went down.

Hope ABS-CBN can survive here. Because of this, many will lose their jobs and families will go hungry. Trolls insist that ABS-CBN does not pay taxes, but in fact last February the ABS-CBN tax case was filed. The reason why Duterte was so angry was that his ads did not air during the election. Many people lose their jobs because of someone’s personal anger.


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