Netizen Calls to Protect VP Leni Robredo

Netizen Calls to Protect VP Leni Robredo

Netizen Calls to Protect VP Leni Robredo

Sir, does VP have to repeat many times that he really wants to chase down drug lords as well as their coddlers / protectors, and not just the small-time pushers in the corner? He wants to hold the law against the likes of comrade Peter Lim, beshies Charlie Tan and Kenneth Dong, Albayalde and the ninja cops, and Faeldon and the BOC gang infiltrating tons of shabu from the China. If she gets lucky, then maybe we all know who, in the president’s circle, is involved in the Chinese drug triad and the rich resources of illegal drug trade in the country.

According to Bato Dela Rosa, VP Leni can’t just be “cute” in this war. He must be, in the forefront; that she should join in the anti-drug raids and operations.

Although the VP has said that he is willing to join if his presence does not interfere with operations, is it not ironic, Sen. Rock, do you still have it coming? Who likes to be cute? Who loves to cry and make love? Who, at the mere firecracker, is running like a dog with its tail between its legs? Who, at one time, did not join Tokhang operations when he was still the PNP chief? (Don’t worry, Sir. I’m just asking.)

According to House Speaker Alan Peter Cayetano, VP Leni is starting “on the wrong mouth,” that Operation Tokhang is said to be the Operation All-Talk based on the frequency of VP news content.

Sir, in turn, threatened immediately. We were always in the news when Sen posted billions in insertions in the proposed national budget. Lacson, right? However when the House asked for an additional P1.6 billion budget for your additional deputy speakers and additional vice chairpersons. And, for your information, Sir, just days before VP Leni was in his new position, he was already able to meet with her ICAD colleagues. He has also spoken with members of the Community-based Drug Rehabilitation Alliance (COBRA), and coordinated with the United Nations. He has also developed concrete plans involving the anti-illegal drug campaign. (Read Pinoy Ako Blog’s VP Leni Robredo’s Plans As Anti-Drug Czar.)

Jay Sonza, meanwhile, has been relentless in his efforts to impress the Duterte administration. He said VP Leni was just a co-chair. Just a cat and a great support.

You know, Mr. Sonza, that’s why, up to now, despite your backwardness and making a career out of peddling fake news and promoting hate just so you’ll get noticed, you still aren’t ranked in government. You are not aligned with them. Malacanang has already expressed support for VP Leni and his plans as the ICAD co-chair. He also has access to drug war documents and intel. Most importantly, Spox Panelo said that the VP should be given enough space to do her job. You were not listening, ha, Mr. Sonza.

This is another Mocha Uson. VP is so used to snacks that presscon is more than just work. Honestly, I don’t get the relationship between the two. If she was insinuating that the VP was just after the free meals during presscons, I dare say that she has absolutely no idea how our Vice President is so conscientious in spending the meager budget allotted to her office. She is aware that every centavo entrusted to her by the Filipino people is sweat, long hours at work and traffic, and the stress and fatigue of every single tax payer. It’s not like he used to be a free-rider in his dad’s junkets. With his P155,000 per month salary, he only blogs (aka propaganda) articles based on lies and half-truths.

They are not satisfied that VP Leni was forced to quit her cabinet post in 2016 because of her firm stand against EJKs. That VP Leni has to rely heavily on her partners from the private sector just to implement her anti-poverty programs because of the small budget her office receives. That VP Leni is continuously maligned with fake news about her personal life. That VP Leni has to simultaneously face sedition charges and BBM’s electoral protest – all in an insidious attempt to get rid of her.

VP Leni is the only hindrance to a Duterte-Marcos evil tandem. And as long as she remains the Vice President, they would always see her as a great threat. That’s why they would do anything and everything to keep him out of their way – even offering her a position that may be riddled with traps that they can use to impeach her.

Let us remain steadfast and watchful.

We will always be ready in every situation.




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